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:bulletred: Do not use any of this stock for abusive/sexual/mature content.
:bulletorange: Do not claim as your own.
:bulletyellow: Do not alter a smidgen (i.e change the lighting, coloring, size, etc.) and post on another stock site (or on dA).
:bulletgreen: You may create stock with it ~ i.e Make Pre-Made Backgrounds,  Pre-Cut Images, etc. But You must have the stock user credit me as well. This is required. No exceptions.
:bulletblue: You may use it in digital paintings or manipulations (or any form of art) and sell it, this you must notify me for.
:bulletpurple: You must tell me were you used it
:bulletblack: I ask you show me your finished work so I can favorite your lovely master piece(s), this is not required though - just a courtesy


:bulletblack: Do not claim as your own.
:bulletred: No altering the lines and reselling
:bulletorange: You may sell the lines colored in
:bulletyellow: No posting on other stock sites
:bulletgreen: You must tell me were you used it
:bulletblue: I do ask for you to show me your work. This is so I can favorite your lovely master piece(s).This isn't required, just out of courtesy. :)


All I ask is that you don't steal or take credit for the work, you're welcome to share it, etc, but no altering or posting on another stock site.
Tutorials take time and effort, if you steal, you wouldn't know.
Get it? If I find people misusing the purpose of my tutorials, which I don't see any possible way, I won't be the nicest person to deal with, I'll just put that nicely.


Albums titled "Photography" are NOT stock (or any other album not titled with the word "stock" in it).
They are high-grade images that are up for peoples enjoyment.
If I find people using these photos, I will not be happy (let's just say that).

IF (if) you would like to use these I may allow you to use them - remember may - for details please message me.
Now, if they are for more professional-like purposes - i.e. High school project I may make more of an exception,
as long as you follow the rules I send you.

Also, some of my art pieces have my actual signature in it, don't be alarmed, please.
I also bring to your attention; I have two websites: New England Photographer, my photography site
Katara's Portfolio, an art site/my account on a site
There ARE photos that are on this account on those websites. Don't be alarmed. I do not steal, 'nore take what doesn't belong to me.
I also, if you're going to nit-pick at me, have proof that these/those are INDEED my photos.

Thank you.


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August 18, 2011


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